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Taming your Environment

Antisocial Software Behaviour Opportunities

Antisocial Software Behaviour Opportunities

High Risk Vendors

Over the past months or in fact years high risk vendors have been very much in the media, often in the telecommunications & utilities sectors but it is far more reaching across Banking, Finance, Insurance, Higher Education as well as private & public sectors.

These vendors often provide applications or delivery mechanisms that are not compatible with your information security policies.

Digital Dinosaurs

In the IT press/media we all hear about the success of transformation projects but we seldom hear about the ‘blockers’ encountered along the way.

There is no substitute for rewriting or better still seeking modern alternatives to the legacy issue but this is often a lengthy process, both technically and commercially.

We can help you find the correct interim solution to maintain your existing environment whilst preparing for the new world.

End User Behaviour

Not all problems are because of the software. Sometimes it is the users. Take for example a University who operate a BYOD policy but want to provide access to key applications to students that are available on and offline. The challenges here is with offline use in a cloud dominated world where end users want to use differing operating systems. We can help!



Macros are everywhere, but they often struggle to transition from version to version of the office product(s), or indeed might no longer comply with your security policies.

We have a variety of solutions to enable continued, secure use whilst the macros are remediated or better still removed



UK Telco
High Risk Vendor

We are currently helping a UK Telco provider to deliver software for managing the core network using containerisation and network segmentation.

At the onset the ask was to comply with CAS/T but we are eagerly awaiting the TSR (Telecoms Service Review) requirements to ensure that the strategic solution is fit for purpose and will pass with flying colours.

This is still very much an on-going project but if you are in the Telecommunication industry and wish to discuss TSR with use then please get in touch.


UK Gov Legacy Issues

We worked with a ministerial government department on a transformation programme that was delayed due to legacy applications and incompatible / unsigned drivers for handheld barcode readers.

Working with the handheld device manufacturer we had the device drivers re-written and signed ensuring compatibility with Windows 10, in parallel we enabled Internet Explorer Enterprise mode to address many of the internal and external browser issue.

Outlook Add-Ins** where hosted on a Citrix environment.

**Since completing this there are new ways to deal with these problems, hosting on legacy Citrix is not always the solution, especially now 2008 R2/Win7 is out of mainstream support, so talk to us if you have similar issues.

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